Beasiswa Non-Degree di Amerika Serikat: Community College Initiative Program


The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State is pleased to announce the Community College Initiative Program. This new international educational exchange program enables individuals from Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and South Africa to study at a community college in the United States to develop professional skills.

Eligible fields are Business Management and Administration; Tourism and Hospitality Management; Health Professions, including Nursing; Media; Information Technology; Agriculture; and Engineering Science.


To apply to the program, candidates must:

* Have completed a secondary school education; D1, D2, D3 and S1
* Preference will be given to High School Diploma

Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree are eligible if they are applying in a field different from the field of their degree and have relevant work experience in the field for which they are applying.
* Applicants with MA or PhD degrees are not eligible to participate.
* Have relevant work experience in the field in which they are applying;
* Have English language skills that provide a basis for enrolling in academic coursework following approximately 6 months of intensive English language study in the U.S.;
* Submit a complete application; and
* Minimum Institutional TOEFL score 500 or TOEIC score 650 atau IELTS 5.0 (only scores less than 2 years old are valid).


The Community College Summit Initiative Program will provide funding for round-trip airfare to the U.S.; a living allowance during English language, academic, and practical training program components; tuition costs; health insurance; and cultural enhancement activities. Students will be hosted in groups by community colleges competitively selected to participate in the program. Programs may range from six months to two years in duration and may result in either a certificate or an Associate Degree. Students are required to return home at the end of their program and may not transfer to a four-year U.S. academic institution.


AMINEF is administering this program on behalf of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State. Please return to AMINEF your complete application package (original application and two copies) by the application deadline that includes:

Completed application form.
Copy of your most recent, less than two years old, TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS score report.
* Copy of high school diploma (English translation).
Copy of identity document (KTP or passport).

Please send the application package to AMINEF Office, Gedung Balai Pustaka, 6th floor, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 4, Jakarta 10720 NO LATER November 1, 2010.

For additional information, contact

We do not accept email applications. Hard copies must be sent or delivered to American Indonesian Exchange Foundation.

for further information please visit
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3 thoughts on “Beasiswa Non-Degree di Amerika Serikat: Community College Initiative Program

  1. selamat sore, saya mau tanya. salah satu syarat tertulis, yaitu “Have relevant work experience in the field in which they are applying”, sedangkan saya belum pernah punya lengalaman kerja sebelumnya. saya adalah mahasiswi d3 jurusan teknik elektro, insya Allah tahun ini kuliah saya selesai.
    pertanyaan saya:
    1. apakah saya bisa ikut mendaftar?
    2. apakah saya bisa mendaftar jurusan yang berbeda dari jurusan saya di atas?

    mohon bimbingannya, terima kasih sebelumnya..
    selamat sore..

    • Sebaiknya ada pengalaman kerja. Tapi kalau memang tdk punya pengalaman kerja tdk ada salahnya mencoba kan n intinya harus tekankan bahwa sepulang dari program nanti bisa bekerja n bermanfaat untuk org banyak di Indonesia..Good luck ya

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