The Yale World Fellows Program (Beasiswa Yale University)

Deadline: 14 January 2011
Open to: non-US emerging leaders from a wide range of fields like government, business, non-governmental organizations, religion, the military, media, and the arts with at least 5 years of work experience
Fellowship: housing and a travel allowance plus a stipend of $32,500

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The Yale World Fellows spend the fall semester (typically 17 weeks) on Yale’s campus, roughly from mid-August through mid-December. They arrive two weeks prior to the start of classes for an extended orientation program designed to introduce them to the University, to the city of New Haven, and, most importantly, to one another. The specially designed World Fellows Seminar begins during this period and continues through the remainder of the semester.

Once the semester officially begins, Fellows become engaged in a vast array of activities, some of which recur on a weekly basis and some of which are ad hoc. Regular, weekly activities include the World Fellows Seminar, skill-building sessions, weekly panel discussions (the Hot Coffee, Hot Issues series), and Monday night dinners with distinguished speakers. For more detail on all of these, please visit Curriculum. Fellows also take individually selected, semester-long courses – dependent entirely on each Fellow’s specific interests – that meet regularly each week.
Eligibility and Selection Process

Nominations and applications for the Yale World Fellows Program are solicited from around the world. A Fellowship candidate must be a citizen of and reside in a country other than the United States.Preference may be given to candidates who have not had extensive educational or work experience in the United States, particularly at Yale. Candidates should be in the mid-career stage, at least five and typically not more than twenty years into their professional careers, with demonstrated work accomplishments, and a clear indication of future contributions and excellence. An excellent command of English is essential.

Criteria for selection include:
* An established record of extraordinary achievement and integrity;
* Commitment to engagement in crucial issues and to making a difference at the national or international level;
* Promise of a future career of leadership and notable impact;
* Special capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking;
* Likelihood to benefit from participation in the Program and to contribute to global understanding at Yale;
* Commitment to a rigorous program of activities, to full-time residence at Yale for the duration of the program, and to mentoring students and speaking frequently on campus.

In addition to underwriting all program and educational costs, Yale provides Fellows with housing and a travel allowance, as well as a stipend of $32,500 to cover living expenses. The World Fellows Program does its best to assist with arrangements for Fellows who are joined in New Haven by a spouse or dependent minors for the duration of the Program.
Application process

Fellowship candidates must complete an online application and submit three confidential letters of recommendation. Regional panels review semifinalist candidates, and a final selection committee aims to assemble a Fellowship group that is diverse, geographically balanced, and representative of a wide range of professions, talents, and perspectives.

The application deadline for the 2011 Program is Friday, January 14, 2011.

More info on the official webpage.

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