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General Requirements
  • Bachelors students minimum third semester from ITB, ITS, UGM, UI, UNAIR, UNDIP, UNIBRAW, and UNPAD; one of these following major: Economy (Accounting, Development Management Study), MIPA (Physics, Chemistry, Math), Computer Science, Environmental Study, Engineering (Electro Engineering, Physics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Computer Engineering, Evironmental Engineering or Mechanic Engineering)
  • Academic Index from I, II and III semester with minimum of 3.0 (scale 4)
  • Demonstrates skills and intellectual capability and strong leadership
  • Active in students organization or other social activities
  • Has a fairly good grasp of English, written and verbal
  • Comes from less fortunate background
  • Not in the condition of accepting other sponsorships from different institution
Documents Required:
  • Completed and signed GE-FSLP application form
  • One (1) color photograph 4 x 6 cm – affix it in the provided box
  • One (1) copy of valid Identification Card (KTP)
  • An official letter of enrollment from university
  • One (1) certified copy of your university transcript records from semesters 1 to 3
  • One (1) copy of high school diploma (Ijazah SMU)
  • One (1) copy of high school transcript record (STTB)
  • One (1) copy of high school transcript record – national standard (NEM)
  • At least two (2) Letter of Reference from Academic Supervisor and other Faculty Member (use the attached from, and put it in a sealed envelope), preferably from your English teacher at the university. Attention: please do not send the letter separately. It must be attached to the application form.
  • One (1) letter of notification as underprivileged family from department/faculty or university (surat keterangan tidak mampu dari pihak kampus)
  • One (1) letter of notification as underprivileged family from village officer (surat keterangan tidak mampu dari pihak kelurahan)
  • Letter of notification that you are involved in social and student activities (surat keterangan aktif di organisasi kemahasiswaan atau sosial lainnya)
  • Letter of statement you are not receiving any other scholarships at the moment and will not receive any other scholarships if you are selected as GE Scholar (Surat pernyataan tidak sedang dan tidak akan menerima beasiswa lain, apabila ditetapkan sebagai penerima beasiswa GE Foundation Scholar – Leaders Program, yang diketahui oleh dosen wali/pembimbing akademik).
  • Further Information Please Visit :

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