Get Free 6 months internship in Milano, Italy!

AIESEC wants you to be imaginative, to submit shots about world-changing ideas surrounding sustainability.

Find some examples in your Country, in your town, in your neighbourhood… of applied sustainability that really improved the quality of surrounding life. Successful “green” ideas that changed your way of living for the better and that can be applied with the same positive effect in other places of the world.

You should really think about pictures that can make the difference, that can give a perspective on how cities could change in Italy and elsewhere.


3 paid internships in Milan, lasting 6 months, in TVN Media Group, who is sponsoring the contest together with Shicon.

TVN Media Group is an Italian publishing group, focused on marketing & communications with its magazines ADV Strategie di Comunicazione, Pubblicità Italia, toBE, MyMarketing.Net e

The intern will start on September 2011 and will work within TVN Media Group’s editorial staff. The internship is open to people from all over the world and requires skills in information technology, communications and marketing, journalism, print and broadcasting, design, graphics, motion graphics, social networking, web marketing.

The internship provides a salary of €600 per month.

The 5 best ideas will be awarded by Shicon with an amount of 200€ each.

DDL to Apply: 3 April 2011

All submitted shootings, will be published on “”, official website for AIESEC National Initiative “Youth Driven Sustainable Change”.

for any info: – Public Relations of AIESEC in Italy – National Information Management Director of AIESEC in Italy


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