Next Generation Fellowships – University of Cambridge

As part of our ‘Strategic Award’, the Wellcome Trust funds two ‘Next Generation’ fellowships per annum. These are aimed at attracting individuals with a previous MD or PhD back into research. They are ideally suited for (but not restricted to) individuals who undertook a PhD as a medical student and have spent a considerable time pursuing a clinical career.

The fellowships provide funding for individuals to work with one of the Principal Investigators within the CIMR to generate sufficient data to apply for an intermediate fellowship from a funding body such as the Wellcome Trust, MRC, British Heart Foundation or other major charity, to remain as a researcher within CIMR. All applicants must have an MD or PhD and will be expected to hold a National Training Number. Applications are especially welcome from those individuals who have clinical lecturer posts on the integrated academic pathway. Potential applicants should select a Principal Investigator within the CIMR with whom they wish to work. The length of time that they require to prepare their application will be determined in discussion with the Principal Investigator, the Director, the Deputy Director and the Management Committee of the CIMR.

We would like to receive applications from individuals throughout the country (not limited to Cambridge) and would envisage applicants retaining their training number and being based in CIMR as an out-of-programme experience (OOPE). Please note that while there are no nationality / residency criteria for this fellowship, there may be different criteria when applying for an intermediate fellowship, and you should check this with the individual funding bodies.

Successful candidates are expected to develop towards independence with a view to a career in academic medicine during the course of the fellowship.

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5 thoughts on “Next Generation Fellowships – University of Cambridge

  1. is there another info for scholarship which’s full of living cost in Indonesia?
    thank you…..

    I look forward for your information…. :’)

    Visit my blog yaaa…..

    • i will post the information on that kind of scholarship as soon as i got any info on it…for you to keep posted, just subscribe in this blog so whenever i i post the info you will get the notification via email…sure, im heading to your blog now..thanks…good luck

    • halo Daru, pastilah sy apa kbr? makasih ya sudah berkunjung dan memberi komentar di blog..good luck…

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