Elements of Film Structure (Part 1)

Structure refers to the audiovisual design of a film and particular tools and techniques used to create that design. Most scholars usually call it film form.

The Production Process
There are 3 steps of production process:

Preproduction designates the planning and stage preparation stage. Writing of a script, hiring of cast and crew, production design of sets, costumes, and locales, and planning the style of cinematography are activities that this phase focuses on.

Production. This phases includes activities like filming the script (cinematography) and recording the action.

Postproduction involves the editing of sound and image, composition and recording of the music score, additional sound recording for effects (Folley)and dialogue replacement (ADR), creation of digital special effects (this may occur in production process) and color timing to achieve proper color balance in the images. This phase may be done digitally or traditionally using lab methods.

Source: Movies and Meaning an Introduction to film fifth edition (Pearson, Stephen Prince, 2010)


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