CCIP Diary: Makassar-Jakarta-Japan-Seattle (1)

With My family at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar

It had been decided that my departure would be on August 31th 2011. There were four other students going to Pierce College with me; Dikka Kartika from Surabaya, Dionne Sihombing from Jakarta, Rahmi Hidriyani from Jakarta and Dwi Kristiani (Sosi) from Purwokerto. I myself flew with ANA, a Japanese Airline. My route was Jakarta-Japan-Seattle at 9.30 pm. Dionne, Indri and Sosi were together with the same route as mine but different time. The same with me Dikka was alone. She had a different route. She flew from Jakarta to Singapore, from Singapore to Japan and from Japan to Seattle.

I will start from Makassar. It was Sunday morning 30th of August 2011, two days before “Idul Fitri”, I flew to Jakarta using Lion Air from Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar. My brothers Henra and Henri, my sisters Ani and Ana, my uncles Nas and Muin, my brother in law, my nieces Siti and Ariva, my mam and dad, my grandma and my friend Ucho’ took me to the airport. by accident, I met Muhalim, Andina and Thitox there. It was bitter-sweet for me to leave my family and friends. They make up my life. On the other hand, I was excited to be in United States for the second time. We all took pictures in front of the entry gate. My flight was 11.30 am and it was 11.oo am we were all in the airport chattering and having fun. I did not want to leave my family and friends. Their smiles were so priceless to leave but their expectations to me that I have to be a better person after the program was more important. I promised I will keep the smiles for one year and would come back to see those smiles again a year ahead after the program. That was my commitment. The time was approaching I had to leave. I hugged all my family and asked for their prayers for me to be successful in CCIP. I saw the smiles and tears exactly at 11.15 when I was entering the entry gate to flight check in. The aircraft left Makassar at 11.45.

I arrived in Soekarno Hatta International airport at 1 pm local time. From airport, I rode a DAMRI bus to Gambir Station. My destination was Alia Cikini Hotel. I took a “bajai” to the hotel. I stayed in Alia hotel for one night. My friends Ipay, Ian, Rahmat, Dian came to visit me. We had a good time in Jakarta before I had to leave tomorrow morning to the airport. Bajai took me again to Gambir station and then I went to the airport using DAMRI bus. The bus stop right in front of Terminal 2F, a terminal for international flights.

With Ian, Rachmat, Ipay and Dian at Alia Cikini Hotel before leaving to Soekarno International Airport

I directly went to the checking counter of ANA to do a flight check in. My flight was 9.30 pm. When I was on board, I called my family to say goodbye. I did not have enough time to call because the flight attendants sent me a nonverbal message not to use any electronic devices anymore, the flight was going to take off soon. My sister picked up the phone, I talked with her for 2 minutes and I got a feeling that something was going wrong. I asked her and she said please please gave your “do’a” (prayer) for Ica to get well soon. Ica is my niece. The morning before I left, she was hit by motorcycle in front of my house. I asked her again “how is she now”? My sister was about to answer my question then a flight attendant came to me and politely ask to cut the phone soon. I had to cut the phone with getting no answer from my sister. I left Jakarta to Japan with a scrambled feeling. My hope was Ica was fine and I prayed to Allah SWT all the way from Jakarta to Japan for her.

I found this at the toilet of Soekarno International Aiport

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakart

Lakewood, February 14th, 2012




8 thoughts on “CCIP Diary: Makassar-Jakarta-Japan-Seattle (1)

    • thanks bro..insyaAllah tulisan berikutnya akan segera sy buat. oh ya gmn hasil seleksi testnya di jkt yg pertukaran pemuda muslim?

  1. Halo mas, saya nominee untuk CCIP 2012, mau tanya, ada yang bilang kalau sudah jadi nominee dari AMINEF tidak mungkin tidak diterima, apa itu betul ya? Kalau pengalaman dari batch 2011 bagaimana? Terima kasih 🙂

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