Hello folks, how have you been doing? I hope this post finds you well. Mmmmm it is been a while I am not hitting my page and here you go I am here to write a piece for you all guys. I hope you will enjoy it and do not forget to leave comments in this post for opportunity of growth for me.  Bay the way, I am not an autobiography writer, but I hope that the one I posted here will give you a clue of what an autobiography looks like if you never write one. This is not an professional piece, but merely a personal sharing. I always believe that “sharing is living“, if you share you will find the true meaning of life

(*This post was the assignment in my International Relation class for extra credit thing. I am not a lazy student though, I only did not do well on the midterm that was why I was given this assignment. LOL)



My parents named me Haeril Halim. My friends call me Haeril. Besides “Haeril” I have quite a few nicknames, many of which I do not understand how they come about. They are “Ril,” “Eying,” “Ying,” Yink,” “Kure,” “Aril,” “Riel,” “Eyyink,” “Halim,” “Lim,” “Iyying,” “Heyril,” and “Pak RT.” I am not bothered at all having those names, because each of them reflects particular friendships I have with people. For people in general, I prefer to be called “Haeril.”

I was born on May 20th, 1987 and grew up in Polewali, west Sulawesi, Indonesia. In 2005, I moved to Makassar, south Sulawesi, Indonesia because I had to go to University. I studied linguistics and graduated from Hasanuddin University on July 2010.

I have a big family, four brothers and four sisters. Most of them have already married. Now, I have 15 nieces and nephews. My parents live in Polewali and so do some of my sisters and brothers. My oldest sister is 38 years old and my youngest sister is 22 years old. I am the eighth child in my family.


I am a big fan of Inter Milan, a football team from Italy. I can play soccer, but not very well. I can play badminton very well. I like to spend my leisure time reading books. My favorite books are linguistics, politics, communication, philosophy, sociology and international affairs.

My dream was studying abroad via scholarships. I managed the Indonesian English Language Program, or the so called “IELSP,” in 2009. It is a two-month scholarship funded by the State Department of the U.S. which enables undergraduate students of Indonesia to experience learning English in a reputable university in America. I had studied English at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. This was my first international experience.

My second international experience has been through the Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) period of 2011-2012. The same as IELSP, this program is funded by the State Department of the United States. This program has appointed Pierce College as my host college for one year to study Media and Communication. I want to be successful as a media person in this program, so that I can apply my knowledge and skills back home after this program. CCIP focuses on increasing professional development in Indonesia as a part of regional agreement between Indonesia and the United States.


I am a social activist in Indonesia and active in some non-government organizations (NGO) focusing on education and humanity. I have been a voluntary teacher for poor students in the Yayasan Samudra Indonesia (YASINDO), an NGO taking care of giving extension learning for poor students after school. Most of the students are the children of street vendors and street musicians in Makassar. I enjoy teaching a lot, and sharing knowledge and other things with them.

Also, I have been a volunteer learning assistant in Persatuan Tuna Netra Indonesia (PERTUNI), a lost sight association of Indonesia in Makassar. My responsibility was to make sure that all students feel comfortable with the learning process. I do socialization of TOEFL for disabled students in this organization. I found the true meaning of life here and learned a lot from them. Once upon a time, one of the disabled friends in the PERTUNI shared to me this phrase, and I found it very touching, “With this blindness I can see that the world is larger and even larger.” My principal commitment is “sharing is living.” That is how people should live.

I have two memorable experiences regarding the relationship between Indonesia and United States. First, I got invited by the U.S Embassy for Indonesia in Jakarta to attend Obama’s speech at the University of Indonesia. I was chosen from hundreds of grantees to represent the IELSP program to attend that diplomatic speech. To me, it is an honor, and I have to appreciate it. The second one was when, in the midst of 2011, I got invited again to attend an bilateral meeting between Indonesia and the United States. The invitation was from the State Department via the Institute of International Education (IIE), New York. It was a Joint Commission Meeting between Indonesia and the U.S. Hillary Clinton was present at that event. I was a guest in that bilateral meeting talking about education between the two countries. One of the agreements made in that meeting was both Indonesia and the U.S. agreed to increase the number of Indonesian students studying in America and of American students studying in Indonesia.


My long term goal is to become an expert on political communication. I got my degree in Linguistics. In CCIP, my major is media and communication. To make that goal come true, I want to get my master’s degree in communication. With my basic knowledge in Linguistic, I want to focus on political communication. In the CCIP program, besides studying media and communication, I also want to study politics and international relations. So, the synergy of knowledge in linguistics, politics and communication is what makes my dream. I need to study them carefully to become an expert in political communication.

Nature sometimes slaps me in the face to teach me the meaning of life. I learn a lot from nature in my life. I learn from books and people as well. To be really open-minded, I need mind, heart and God to guide me to succeed in this life. Living without studying is dying, and dying without studying is useless. Studying is an immortal activity. That is my philosophy of life.


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  1. I need interpreter :(…. I can’t speak English fluently.. No, I Lied..hahahha.. nice information, my friend :D.

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