Community College Initiative Program for Indonesians (Deadline November 1, 2012)

This international educational exchange program enables individuals to study at a community college in the United States to develop professional skills.

Eligible fields are Business Management and Administration; Tourism and Hospitality Management; Health Professions, including Nursing; Media; Information Technology; Agriculture; and Engineering Science. (Specific fields of interest can be found on the last page of the CCIP application form).

To apply to the program, candidates must:

  • Have completed a secondary school education or D1/D2/D3 or S1
  • Preference will be given to high school graduates
  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree are eligible, if they are applying in a field different from the field of their degree and have relevant work experience in the field for which they are applying.
  • Applicants with MA or PhD degrees are not eligible to participate.
  • Have relevant work experience in the field in which they are applying;
  • Have English language skills that provide a basis for enrolling in academic coursework;
  • Submit a complete application form;
  • Minimum Institutional ITP TOEFL score 500 or TOEIC score 650 or IELTS 5.0 or IBT TOEFL 60/61. Please note that TOEFL prediction or TOEFL-like score cannot be accepted.

The Community College Initiative Program will provide funding for round-trip airfare to the U.S.; a living allowance during English language, academic, and practical training program components; tuition costs; health insurance; and cultural enhancement activities. Students will be hosted in groups by community colleges competitively selected to participate in the program. Students are required to return home at the end of their program and may not transfer to a four-year U.S. academic institution.

Please return to AMINEF your complete application package by the application deadline that includes:

  • Completed application form without a reference letter, as it is not required.
  • Copy of your most recent, less than two year old, TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS score report.
  • Copy of high school diploma and transcript (English translation).
  • Copy of associate (D1/D2/D3) or bachelor’s degree transcript. Bachelor’s or Associate degree graduates should enclose this document. (English translation)
  • Copy of identity document (KTP or passport).

We do not accept email applications. Hard copies must be sent or delivered to the address below:


CIMB NIAGA Plaza, 3rd Floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25

Jakarta 12920.


The deadline for the submission of application materials is November 1, 2012. For additional information, please contact

To download form click here



9 thoughts on “Community College Initiative Program for Indonesians (Deadline November 1, 2012)

  1. mas tanya ya. Aku email ke Aminef ndak dibales.
    Berarti kalo aku masih kuliah. yang perlu disertakan transkrip dan ijasah SMA yang sudah ditranslate plus transktip sementara kuliahku ???

  2. so how did you burn ur spirit to gain the scholarship beside your boredom facing the failure of gaining scholarship? actually I lose my spirit of pursuing the scholarship, because I cannot pay my own study fees myself and the scholarship is the only thing that I hope for my master degree. What are the main things those make my application impressive? Thank you

  3. Hello, Haeril 🙂
    I got this info from my fellow Torgis, I suppose you know him, too..

    Anyway, this blog post is very interesting. I’d like to share it on my Facebook wallpost so my friends can see and try it.. If you don’t mind, please let me know.. thanks 🙂

    Good luck for your study. Politics is very interesting subject, either on text books or in reality..

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  5. Hello Mas Haeril Halim, saya mau tanya beberapa hal ttg aplikasi community college, dalam aplikasi tertulis: “Please send the three sets of application package to AMINEF”, apakah kita harus kirim satu aplikasi yang asli dan 2 aplikasi fotocopy serta 3 sets persyaratan yang lain? Kedua, apakah boleh share berapa stipend yang diberikan ke penerima award ya? Apakah cukup untuk hidup di semua negara bagian di US atau kita harus siapkan dana tambahan pribadi? Mohon pencerahan…TKs, Beni

  6. salam kenal mas haeril.
    ada beberapa hal yang ingin saya tanyakan. status saya masih mahasiswa tingkat akhir. apa diperbolehkan untuk mendaftar? untuk ijazah sampe dengan deadline sepertinya saya belum bisa mendapatkan ijazah s1 saya karena diperkirakan baru bisa lulus di awal tahun. apa saya bisa melampirkan transkrip nilai s1? atau hanya ijazah sma saja ?
    untuk pengalaman kerja apa perlu meminta surat keterangan dari tempat kerja ?
    terima kasih 🙂

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