“I think you guys are in the right class”

It was a sunny Wednesday morning when Adi Irawan and I walked through the sidewalks of Ohio University with view of African students enjoying the sunlight in front of Ohio University of Intensive English (OPIE) building in Athens county, Ohio, United States.

We both chatted about our first week in American English (AE) 50 class which was taught by Anna Wolf. AE 50 class is for international students whose TOEFL ITP scores are under 525. Mine was 490. Adi’s score was a little higher than mine. I cannot recall his exact score.

Our concern was that we had the class for eight days, but we still learned what we considered as “very basic English lesson” such as simple tense, present continuous, past tense patterns etc.

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From CCIP Program to Jakarta Post

Hey folks, what’s up? It’s been like forever I don’t say a word on this blog. I hope you all guys are doing great. Just wanna share a few things that I have been doing in the past two years.

I returned to Indonesia in September 2012 after finishing a one year program at Pierce College in Lakewood, Washington State. I studied media and communication from August 2011 to August 2012 at Pierce from where I earned a certificate on “International Media and Communication”. My study was financed by the U.S. Department of State. I could not afford studying abroad on my own expenses anyway. I am not going to explain details about the scholarship that I received, but for you who are curious about it you can google “Community College Initiative Program (CCIP)” for further information or you can click on “CCIP” folder in this blog. I made some articles about the program earlier.

Alright guys, now I move on.

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