Obama in Adjectives: A Hypothetical Finding on Indonesians’ Perceptions towards Obama by Haeril Halim

Hi guys, some of you asked me the result of my research on Indonesians perceptions towards Obama I conducted last week. I made two pages essay responding the results of the research (600 words). However, a two-page essay is too short for this research. Consequently, I arrived only on a hypothetical conclusion because of that limitation. I will write more as the continuation of this paper in the future to get a more sophisticated understanding on Indonesians perception towards Obama.

Hope you guys can enjoy reading it and do please leave your constructive comments as an opportunity for growth in the future. A special thanks goes to all of you guys who contributed in filling out the questionnaire for this research. I cannot say thank you enough for that. I really appreciate it.

Lakewood, February 13th, 2012




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Cognitive and Behavioral Violence Resulted from Violent Video Games

I made this assignment for my class “Introduction to Mass Media” (Fall Quarter 2011). This article poses some grammatical challenges that need to be fixed. But I left it unfixed with the reason that you guys as readers can give your valuable comments to create a meaningful learning experience. Feel free to leave your comment as an opportunity for growth for my next article. Thank you and have a good day.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lakewood, February 11th, 2012




Cognitive and Behavioral Violence Resulted from Violent Video Games

By Haeril Halim

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Kejujuran dan Kebenaran

“Kejujuran dan Kebenaran”

Suatu hari teman bertanya “Ril, apa itu kejujuran”?

“Kejujuran adalah bertindak secara fisik maupun verbal sesuai dengan aturan yang ada”, jawabku

“Konteksnya bagaimana”? dengan penasaran teman tersebut bertanya lagi

“mmmmm konteksnya adalah jujur ketika ada kesempatan untuk jujur dan jujur ketika ada kesempatan untuk tidak jujur”, jawabku lagi

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My Essay for NWCCI Essay Contest

Hallo Guys, how are you doing? It has been long I do not update any post in my blog. This time, I want to share my essay I made for Northwest Community College Initiative Essay Competition. I have not got any information yet about the result but I hope this essay will win ^_^ Wish me luck

Thanks and good luck. Have a splendid success for you all ^_^

Lakewood, February 8th 2012,


Astroboy in front of Mbak Liberty ^_^

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Istilah ini terinspirasi dari istilah media literacy, yaitu sebuah kemampuan memahami pesan-pesan media yang sarat akan tendensi, baik maupun buruk. Saya mencoba menerapkan istilah tersebut dalam konteks linguistik, Language Literacy. Adalah sangat penting bagi kita untuk memahami pesan-pesan linguistik dalam kehidupan sehari-hari untuk menghindari kesalahpahaman komunikasi. Language Literacy ini lebih tepat diterjemahkan sebagai Kemelekan Linguistik, bukan dalam artian seberapa cakap seseorang berbahasa tapi dalam konteks seberapa cakap bahasa (makna) itu dipahami oleh seseorang.

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“LANGUAGE LITERACY”: Menilik Proses Evolusi Bahasa

Bahasa sebagai alat komunikasi adalah tesis awal dalam perkembangan ilmu bahasa. Tesis tersebut tumbuh seiring dengan kompleksitas relasi manusia dengan manusia, manusia dengan istitusi, dan manusia dengan bahasa itu sendiri. Bahasa berevolusi tanpa kita sadari dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

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